What is a Speech Therapist?

A Speech-Language Therapist is a highly trained professional who evaluates and treats children and adults who have difficulty communicating with others as well as those who have difficulty sucking, chewing or swallowing food or liquids.

The following people would require the services of a Speech-Language Therapist:

Speech Disorders
People who have a problem with the way they pronounce speech sounds (articulation).
People who have difficulty developing the speech patterns we use to communicate (phonology).
People who have difficulty planning and co-ordinating the movements needed to make speech sounds (apraxia of speech).
People who stutter.
People who have voice problems such as hoarseness.

Language Disorders
People who have difficulty understanding language (receptive difficulties).
People who have difficulty using language (expressive language difficulties).
People who have difficulty with social communication, or the way we speak to each other and why we speak to each other (pragmatic language).


1 a : the process, function, or power of perceiving sound ; specif: the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli.
(Merriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus)

Speech & Language

1 a : The communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words.
1 a: the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community.
(Merriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus)

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