What is an Audiologist?

An Audiologist is a professional concerned with all types of hearing impairments and their relationship to communication disorders. Audiologists are involved in the identification, assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and management of disorders of peripheral or central auditory impairments (hearing loss/impairment and/or deafness), balance system disorders/dysfunction, tinnitus and other neural systems.

The Audiologist is trained to identify and evaluate the range, nature and degree of hearing/hearing loss in babies, children and adults. They are also involved in audiological (aural) habilitation and rehabilitation to both children and adults, and are trained and capable with regard to planning, conducting, directing and participating in the management of persons with hearing loss, whether it be referral for medical management, or the selection, fitting and provision of suitable hearing aids and other assistive listening devices to both children and adults.

Audiologists are also involved in the prevention of hearing loss through auditory training, counselling, guidance and the provision and fitting of hearing protective devices such as noise plugs.


1 a : the process, function, or power of perceiving sound ; specif: the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli.
(Merriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus)

Speech & Language

1 a : The communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words.
1 a: the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community.
(Merriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus)

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